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Thank you for visiting. is a mens online digital lifestyle outlet that was born after some gentle persuasion from a few dear friends. The purpose of this outlet is to represent the modern man and to express my style, passion for fitness, and love for food. Occasionally, I'll post my thoughts on business, startups, and random personal reflections. I hope you enjoy my journey and are able to make use of it in your daily life, even if in a small yet meaningful way. 

– Yours truly, Navi



Behind The Scenes

As an entrepreneur and investor, my mission is to impact those around me, the community, and as well as amplify my fellow entrepreneurs to new heights. As a founder and small business owner with years of corporate experience, I believe in collaboration and overcoming obstacles together than alone. This passion and mindset drive my curiosity to continuously learn, while at the same time helping me put Columbus and the Midwest at the forefront of the entrepreneurial movement.

I'm currently a Principal at LOUD Capital, a Columbus, Ohio based entrepreneurial collective that empowers entrepreneurs and investors with capital, talent, and connections necessary to amplify success. I'm also the Director of Development at BYLINED, a first of its kind customer & fan engagement platform, bridging the gap between brands in need of great customer content, engagement, and intelligence for their advertising efforts and their fans that are already creating abundant product-oriented content.