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Hey there!

Thank you for visiting. Navikang.me is an opportunity for me to reflect and share my experiences, as well as occasionally share inspiration on menswear/lifestyle topics. My hope is to inspire as much as it is to learn more about myself through this process.

- With respect, Navi



Behind The Scenes

I left a team of data scientist at JP Morgan Chase to open a restaurant across the country, only to get intrigued by the cross-pollination of data, marketing, and technology. My experience in the startup ecosystem and as a Entrepreneur In Residence led to the birth of Northpeak.

We're a digital innovation studio using data and software to help companies reach their peak. We apply agile methodology to create and implement growth solutions that make brands durable.

My background:
- 10 years of entrepreneurial experience
- Worked on or for 21 companies
- 2x Founder and CEO
- Entrepreneur In Residence at early stage venture capital firm
- Data Scientist at JP Morgan Chase
- Division I soccer athlete
- Putnam Mathematical Competition at Harvard University

Company highlights:
- We’re a team of growth architects, including data scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, and most importantly, practitioners.
- Leverage predictive analytics and machine learning techniques.
- Accelerated client sales from 0 to 800k in annual revenue in 10 months.
- Produced viral content that generated 1.8M+ views, 8.7k shares, 1.5k comments.

We partner with purpose-driven B2C and B2B organizations, including but not limited to mobile/tech, consumer retail, e-commerce, manufacturing/industrial, real estate, and healthcare companies that are ready for disruptive solutions.

My superpowers include data analytics, user acquisition, digital strategy, product management, content creation, market validation, UI/UX Design, customer development & segmentation, branding, and conversion optimization.

Specialties: Python, SQL, Google Analytics, Conversion Optimization, SEO, HTML5/CSS3, SAS, Paid Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google), Email Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite, Meditation, and Fitness