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Hey guys,

Thank you for visiting. Navikang.me is a digital journal that was born after some gentle persuasion from a close friend. The purpose of this journal is to share my experiences, have an opportunity to reflect, and occasionally share inspiration on menswear fashion. My hope is to inspire as much as it is to learn more about myself through this process.

– Yours truly, Navi



Behind The Scenes

I'm currently the Founder and CEO of Northpeak, a growth firm in the Midwest that helps companies reach their peak. We're a team of growth architects who apply agile methodology to build growth solutions that make brands durable.

I left a team of data scientist at JP Morgan Chase to open a restaurant across the country, only to get intrigued by the cross-pollination of data, content, and technology.

As a growth architect, my mission is to elevate those around me, the community, and my fellow entrepreneurs to new heights. As a serial entrepreneur with previous corporate experience, I believe in collaboration and overcoming obstacles together than alone.

This passion and mindset drive my curiosity to continuously learn and work with individuals looking to make a positive impact in a big way.