Reasons To Have A Mentor

I’ve been lucky enough to have met a few stand-up individuals who have had a ton of success in their career and have been willing to guide me through mine. However, I didn’t always have these individuals around me – in fact, I wasn’t even aware the impact a mentor could have. Mentors are simply individuals who push you to take the first step in accomplishing your goal. We all know how hard that can be.

Mentors can share their experience and help guide you both personally and professionally. They’ve been there and done it. Whatever you’re thinking about or stressing over, they’ve probably thought about it or been through a million times. They know the sacrifices which need to be made in order to achieve something great.

Mentors keep you in check and provide unfiltered opinions.

Mentors can provide introductions to fuel your growth.

Mentors give you confidence and energy.

Mentors are not in it for the money. Rather just to see you succeed.

These individuals are rare. If you come across a mentor or someone that provides these benefits in your life, make sure you thank them and keep them around. If you don’t have one, ask family and friends, network, and shoot emails –  find one now because they can grow to be a priceless resource for life.