Only Time Will Tell

Could you be spending less time on Instagram? Do you find yourself sending emails every 30 minutes?  I’ve been guilty of both. You might constantly feel busy, but here are 8 tips on being more productive with your precious time:

1.       Schedule your day the night before. Visualize it. Focus on tasks most important to your success. Remember the 20/80 rule here.

2.       Build in interruptions (small and quick tasks). Don’t overbook.

3.       Figure out which items require deep thinking alone. Put everything else away and immerse yourself. Here is where you will reap real benefits.

4.       Utilize 3-5 hours of work on the weekends.

5.       Say no to things you can’t commit to or don’t care about.

6.       Exercise and eat healthy.

7.       Plan time to unwind.

8.       Commit to the plan.

You can never get your time back so be intentional about it.