Entrepreneurs Looking to Build a Home

Lay down your best brick every day. 

I don't need to tell you this. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur these days.  

Especially us millennials. We don't want to work for "the man". It's unbelievable. The internet and media have produced a rainfall of "wantrepreneurs". Believe me, I know what it's like to think about that "million dollar" idea all day and fantasize about creating the next FB.

I think it's good to be ambitious and goal-oriented when you're young.."hustling and grinding". But what does that really mean? I think the true meaning has been taken out of context. Everyone is looking to make a quick buck. 

However, let me tell you right now - stop with the short term, shoddy ideas. Stop looking for short-cuts. That road will close quickly. That last thing you want to do is get stuck.

Build a foundation. It's better to not make any money for 15 years so that you can make $100,000 dollars a month forever then it is to make a quick $60,000 and go back to laying down brick #1.

I've learned to understand that great things take time and tons of hard work. Go out and test things. Get feedback. Learn what product-market fit is. Learn to work as a team. Learn through failure. You will be tested.

However, make sure you realize this is not something that you do for a couple months or even a couple years. This is a long-term game. Read about the failures of successful individuals. No one had an easy road.

For those lucky enough to climb high and fast, realize you can fall even faster.

Be yourself. Think about why you're doing this. Do you truly care about solving this problem? Realize if you're going to be serving the world and your community, you will need trust. You will need relationships.

And both take time to build. These are things you earn. You're not the only one playing this great game - we all are.

If you lay your best brick down every day, you'll eventually start to realize that you've built something so magnificent, wherever you go, you feel at home.