What we can learn about American Airlines and its dedication to world class customer service

“After 15,000 flights without pilots erroneously scheduled by American Airlines,

thousands of angry passengers take to social media”.

Hopefully, nothing of that sort makes headlines come Christmas and New Year.

AA might be able to deliver on its promise and ensure all of its customers are taken care of,

but what happens if it’s just a couple hundred passengers?

Are we willing to give AA the pass?

Just a couple hundred families that weren’t able to see each other. No big deal.

I’m not sure what the solution is. Only people closest to the situation can shed light.

Should they try to serve as many flights as possible and risk a small number of cancellations?

Even given the huge concerns from the Allied Pilots Association.

Or make a decision, own the mistake, and tell their customers upfront so they can schedule alternative plans.

Possibly offer free miles or some incentive for them to return?

How long before a decision is too late.

Do you think those passengers that lose the chance to be with their loved ones during the holidays of a known problem,

will ever use AA again?

It’s not a merry situation by any means, quite the opposite.

But it is an opportunity for AA to show they know a little about class and customer service.

If you’re running AA, what would you do?