Love Yourself

Think about your last interaction with someone. What were your initial thoughts of that person?

We’re most likely to notice the bad qualities in others rather than the good ones - the things that concern or annoy us.

We’re also always comparing each other.

When another person gets the feeling that you don’t really see much good in them, that person is less likely to see much good in you.

Unless you’re surrounded by terribly toxic people, everyone you know must have many positive qualities, such as fortitude, generosity, kindness, patience, honesty, or compassion.

Most people fundamentally have a positive aim. For example, your roommate who doesn’t clean up after herself wants more leisure time or a younger sibling displaying an aggressive attitude wants higher status. Try to see the good intentions from those around you.

If we can’t see the good in others, we’ll have a hard time seeing the best in ourselves.

Recognize that you have positive intentions, real abilities, and a quality heart. When you start doing that, your interactions and conversations take a turn for the best. This positivity is self-perpetuating. It feeds itself. It’s contagious.

We need actions of love in this world today more than ever.

It starts with you.