I never learned how to learn.

I’m realizing I never learned ‘how to learn’ when I was younger. I don’t remember taking a class that taught me how our brain learns new concepts...”How To Learn” wasn’t a class offered by my school.

It sounds ridiculous but it’s actually kind of alarming.

I think there is an opportunity to make a huge fundamental and positive difference in how kids learn at an early age. On the flip side, I’m a firm believer you can learn how to learn at any age.

When we learn a new concept our brain is not familiar with, we need a way to connect our existing thoughts/nodes to this new thought. The way to reach this new thought is using a combination of focused mode and diffuse mode (this is the part I was never taught).

We usually tend to either focus harder or quit altogether. However, we’re learning that the answer might be in diffuse mode.

Diffuse mode is when you relax and take a backseat for a short period. This allows our creative juices to flow, which helps us get closer to wrapping our mind around a new concept.

Partly another reason why I’m a huge advocate of meditation. If you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend you watch TED “Learning how to learn” by Barbara Oakley: https://lnkd.in/ehpaENx

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