Breaking The Rules With Black and Brown


Once upon a time, men were told not to wear black and brown together; similar to avoid combining black with navy. Realistically, black has a really hard time pairing with anything other than grey and white. I think it’s because as soon as it sits next to another color, the black starts to look less rich and deep.

However, when it comes to wearing brown with black, for example brown boots with black jeans, this is something you can easily incorporate into your own looks. You want to choose a brown in contrasting tone and texture where possible. With this outfit, I was actually hesitant to wear this camel/brown coat from Asos with black pants and a black turtle neck. But, I decided to take the risk and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. 

It's already one of my favorite new looks and to give a casual vibe, I added a pair white sneakers. It's comfortable look that easily stands out with all the navy, grey, and black we see in the winter. The coat is my favorite part of the outfit - it definitely helps gives that extra swag:) 

Alright, that's it for this week - let me know what you like most about the outfit and / or any ideas that you have that could add to this outfit!


Brands: Asos

Photographer: Monty Soungpradith

Modeling, Creative & Art Direction, Styling: Navi Kang

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Thank you!