Blending Camouflage Into Your Closet x Navi Kang // September 3, 2017


As Autumn approaches, we've seen the emergence of bold patterns and prints in menswear with designers using camouflage as a key theme in their collection. Guys can be intimated or even put off by camo, whether they think it's better suited for outdoor activities or just not for them. However, if you're willing to experiment a little, camo can look cozy and effortless if done right. 

Granted you won't be wearing camo to a black-tie event, camo can still be a smart outfit and a staple in your closet. If you're not quite sure where to start, working in a jacket can be an easier way to transition. The key is to keep everything else simple. You want the camo piece to be the statement. Pair it with plain pieces, white shirt, navy pants, and plain shoes. 

A few key points:

1. Start with small doses

2. Stick to one type of camouflage print

3. Begin with dark hues (I took some risk with lighter colored jeans, but most shades of blue will work great)

4. Again, keep it simple

Some other tips that work well - starting with black jeans/trousers, a white or light blue Oxford shirt, and some basic trainers.  For those that aren’t sure what the first step in achieving camo perfection should be, I'd say start simple with accessories or with a backpack. Camo is really an impressive style and shows a real sense of confidence.

Thank you for reading! Any comments or feedback welcomed!

For those interested in shopping, here are a few camo pieces I really liked: