Start Business, Add Casual x Navi Kang // September 24, 2017


Hey guys, I hope all is well! There are so many easy ways to dress up for work that are simple but modern. If you have the ability to dress "business casual" for work, having that flexibility can go a long way into building up your wardrobe. For those of you that don't know, I worked in Corporate America for almost 3 years and mostly dressed business casual. There were days I was suited and "business professional", but the average day was just casual. So how can do this and still look great? Well, as you look to get your fall outfits ready for work, I wanted to show a simple combination that offers personality and confidence.

We see navy and blue dress pants dominate the workplace, but grey pants can be just as versatile. If you're looking for a simple look, wearing neutral colors with grey is a solid bet. A lighter blue shirt will give a smart and casual look. I decided to start with a white dress shirt (with small dots printed) - which is a easy combination because you don't have to worry about a top-heavy look. Light grey trousers with a white shirt will give off a neat, cool business look, while darker grey trousers will provide you with a more intense, formal vibe. I layered the shirt with a zipped cardigan for a more cozy, yet trendy look. Having something like this is perfect for a cool fall day where you can easily add to most jeans or chinos. To wrap the outfit up, I slipped on my Chelsea boots and called it a day. Brown boots are a safe bet with grey pants, however, I chose to go with black boots, giving an almost striking contrast, but still balancing nicely with the cardigan and bag. 

That's it folks - thanks again for the read! Until next time:)

Photographer: Jake Russell 

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Shirt and Pants: Express

Cardigan: Charles Tyrwhitt

Glasses: Armani Exchange