The Iconic Denim x Navi Kang // August 21, 2017


Hey guys, thanks for checking out my first post! As summer winds down and football season right around the corner, this post focuses on a staple every guy should have in his closet – denim. Before we get into the outfit, I want to take a second to mention where Jake (my wonderful photographer) and I decided to shoot this post. Established in 1867, Schiller Park is located in German Village and is the second oldest park in the City of Columbus behind Goodale Park. There are very few places in Columbus that are as peaceful and beautiful in the morning as Schiller Park. If you haven’t visited Schiller Park, I definitely recommend it, as it’s a well-kept jewel in German Village.

The reason denim is so great is because it can be worn during multiple seasons and through transitional seasons. Not only is denim a versatile material, it’s iconic. It’s the quintessential American look that can be worn from head to toe. Denim roots can be drawn back to Italy and France, although denim jeans were brought to life in the US by Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss in 1873. Let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with denim when legends such as John Wayne and James Dean rocked it!

As you can tell, I went with a fairly dressed down outfit – a denim shirt from Express layered on a simple white t-shirt. Wearing the denim against black pants gives the outfit some pop, while still acting casual. A light denim shirt or jacket similar to this is perfect as it keeps you warm without holding too much heat.  I added my white Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops to give the overall look a little more character and swag.

Another bonus with denim is that it doesn’t need to be washed often – almost never. If you do have to wash denim, avoid drying it, as it will shrink:)

Highlights of post:

1. The versatility and all-season use of Denim

2. White Chucks are simple and always stylish


Post Details

Photographer: Jake Russell

Location: Schiller Park

Would love to get your thoughts and answer any questions! Thank you for reading!