Your Classic Fall Outfit x Navi Kang // October 15, 2017

Press Play and Enjoy. (A 3 minute experience. All picture can be seen below)

Hey guys, I hope all is well! It's been an extremely busy start to fall for me, particularly in the last month. Outside of this blog, I'm working on 5+ projects and will eventually need to narrow my focus down.  I feel as if I'm just starting to scratch the surface with this outlet - I've received so much great feedback and support. I'm focused on creating an experience that you guys can use as inspiration for your own outfits. I'm learning how to get more creative, improve my styling, and raise the overall standards of my product.

For this outfit, as inspiration to all my guy friends (although all of this is meant to inspire both ladies and gents:) ), I decided to go with a classic fall look that is simple yet stands out. I went with a maroon textured knit sweater layered on a light blue printed dress shirt. For pants, I chose skinny innovator dress pants from Express and finished the outfit with a pair of Chelsea boots. This is the perfect outfit for work, any sort of networking event, or happy hour with friends. I intentionally wanted to stick with a fairly simple outfit that was true to fall styling and colors. My advice for taking a simple outfit like this to the next level is adding some texture or print to one of the layers. The dress shirt I wore for this shoot includes print and a solid color band at the top of the collars. This really helps brings some pop to the outfit. 



My favorite part: The Maroon Sweater

Photographer: Jake Russell 

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Sweater: H&M

Dress Shirt: H&M

Pants: Express

Modeling, Creative & Art Direction, Retouching, Styling, Writing: Navi Kang

Alright guys, I hope this was helpful and thank you for reading!

Please leave any comments or questions below.