Real Men DO Wear Pink x Navi Kang // October 30, 2017

Hey guys, I'm super excited to share my latest project. Firstly, I love you mom - this gift is for you! During October, I teamed up with zerOz to create a pink wallet in appreciation for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wanted to leverage this blog to show that yes, men really can wear pink (its 2017 guys) and that we can support a serious issue in a fun and meaningful way. The wallet created by Paul and his team is super sleek, modern and designed for both women and men. It's an added bonus that each wallet is hand crafted locally in downtown Columbus. A chance to support a great cause that touches so many people every year and to help a local business out - it was a win-win for all parties involved.

For the outfits, I decided to go with two different looks - one is more casual and the other is dressy. I used colors like blue and black to allow the pink to create its own swag. In today's world, gentleman are allowed to wear pink. In fact, a man who wears pink is not just fashion forward it also shows that he's comfortable in his own skin and can wear whatever he pleases. It shows you have confidence and there is nothing more attractive than a confident man. 

I recommend wearing a shade that compliments your skin tone. Even though pink suits most skin tones, their are definitely shades that work for different people. Hot pink suits darker skin-tones while light pinks suit people with lighter complexions. Therefore it’s important to choose your shade wisely. 

All right fellas - wear that pink with confidence.

One last thing - make sure to check out my Instagram in the coming days. I will be giving away one of the wallets to a lucky winner! See my IG post for details.

Huge thanks to Monty, Jabari, and Brian for working with me and helping bring this to life. Thank you for reading! Until next time.



Brand: zerOz

Photographer: Monty Soungpradith

VideoJabari Cole

Modeling, Creative & Art Direction, Styling: Navi Kang

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Click here for more information on: Breast Cancer Awareness Month